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Crabtree Leaves

Leaves Chapter Books three to eight chapters to help build literacy and motivate readers to finish longer stories. Colorful illustrations bring stories to life and engage readers with exciting plots and adventurous characters. View →


Crabtree Seedlings

Unique content engages early learners to “Read to Learn” and builds reading and early vocabulary skills. Leveled content supports all reading levels with picture glossary support and word meanings. View →


Warrior Heroes

Time-traveling brothers Arthur and Finn travel back into the past in this exciting historical fiction series called Warrior Heroes. View →


Get Connected to Digital Literacy

Young readers will gain an understanding of computers, networks, programs and applications, and coding—21st century knowledge that no student will be able to do without. View →


Race Ahead with Reading

Race Ahead with Reading is an outstanding new range of illustrated, first chapter books that help children build reading stamina and progress towards longer books. View →


Tadpoles: Fairytale Twists

Tadpoles: Fairytale Twists take classic fairy tales and add an inventive and amusing twist to each story. View →



Readers will get LOST in this amazing series of interactive adventures. View →


Ecosystems Inside Out

Ecosystems Inside Out explores the big picture of each amazing biome on Earth, then peels back its corners to reveal the fascinating details of the organisms that live there. View →


Be a Maker!

The Maker movement celebrates qualities such as ingenuity, problem solving, collaboration, and thinking “outside the box.” View →


Crabtree Roots

Developed by early learning consultants, the Crabtree Roots series collection, focuses on beginning and early reading with simple text, sight words, and high quality photographs and illustrations to engage young readers. View →


Crabtree Plus

Crabtree Plus is a new web-based resource that combines the high-quality of Crabtree Publishing’s educational book series with open access dynamic digital content. View →